Stephen Serjeant

Department of Physics & Astronomy
Open University



  • Space, Time and Cosmology (S357)
  • I chair this third level undergraduate course, which introduces cosmology based on General Relativity, black holes, the microwave background, and the fate of the Universe.

  • The Energetic Universe (S381)

    I am a member of the course team on this third level undergraduate course. It covers the life and death of stars, interacting binary stars, and active galaxies.

  • Exploring Science (S104)
  • I prepared part of Book 2 of our foundation year science course - which means, I wrote some stuff but borrowed very heavily from the previous S103 course!

  • Observing the Universe (SXR208)

    This is our residential summer school in observational astronomy, held in Mallorca. I tutor at this at least once a year.

  • Physics by Experiment (SXR207)

    This is our second-level physics experiment summer school, held in Durham. I tutor at this about once a year.

  • Postgraduate lectures

    I give a few postgraduate lectures to our current Ph.D./M.Phil. cohort, some of which you can find at the link above.