I am Head of the Physics Research Discipline in the School of Physical Sciences at The Open University. My research focusses on modelling molecular electronic processes initiated by electrons, positrons and photons involving the continuum using mainly R-matrix based approaches. Current activity:

  • study of electron and positron-molecule collisions, in particular, the description of electronic excitation and resonance formation. Application to radiation damage, astrophysics and plasma technologies.
  • re-engineering and development of a set of high-quality, developer- and user-friendly, Atomic and Molecular high performance computing codes to treat both electron photon interactions with polyatomic molecules. As part of the R-MADAM project, a collaboration with Hugo van der Hart and Andrew Brown from QUB and Zdenek Masin, form Charles University Prague and others we have recently released:
    • the UKRmol+ suite; to download the latest version go to ZENODO and search for UKRMol
    • the RMT code, available from GitLab
  • study of microhydration effects on electron scattering from biologically relevant molecules and scattering from small molecular clusters. Multiple-scattering.
  • study of photoionization of small molecules.

I am a member of the Commission on Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (C15) of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and a Specialist Editor for Computer Physics Communications. I co-char the High-end Computing Consortium UK-AMOR.