Current members

  • Jakub Benda, PDRA
  • Daniel Darby-Lewis, PDRA
  • Peter Bingham, part-time PhD student
  • Alexandra Loupas, PhD student

Former members

  • Agnieszkar Sieradzka, PhD student (2013-2016)
  • Zděnek Mašin, PDRA (2012-2015) and PhD student (2009- 2012), now at MBI Berlin
  • Joanne Carr, PDRA (2009- 2010), now at the Cambridge University Centre for Computational Chemistry
  • Michael Lysaght, PDRA (2011), now at the Irish Centre for High End Computing
  • Stefano Caprasecca, PhD student (2007 - 2010), now at the Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale, Universita di Pisa
  • Alex Baker, part-time PhD student (2009- 2010)

Group in June 2019

Group Photo 2019

The people in the photo are: Jakub Benda, Jimena Gorfinkiel, Daniel Darby-Lewis and Ismanuel Rabadan, on sabbatical from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Peter Bingham and Alexandra Loupas are missing!

Group in March 2016

Group Photo 2016

The people in the photo are: Peter Bingham, Agnieszkar Sieradzka, Jimena Gorfinkiel and Alexandra Loupas.

Group in October 2009

Group Photo 2009

The people in the photo are: Alex Baker, Stefano Caprasecca, Zdeněk Mašin, Jimena Gorfinkiel and Joanne Carr.