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1947 (vintage year in Bordeaux, particle physics and quantum field theory)


Denison House, Rusholme, Manchester, now housing the Consulate General of The Peoples Republic of China

Raised in:

  • Stockport, England; not as bad as when Engels described the view from Stockport Viaduct to Marx. Here is a remarkable photo (by Crispin Eurich) of Lowry sizing up the viaduct.
  • Grandmother from Talysarn, in the Nantlle valley, Snowdonia, N. Wales. Here is a ruin from the slate quarries where great grandfather Price (or should that be Prys?) worked. As a child, I was entranced by this view of Snowdon from my Aunt's farm, Ty Mawr, formerly the site of Baladeulyn, one of the royal courts of the Princes of Gwynedd, seized by the English crown in 1284.

    Political affiliation:

    In 1964-5 I taught at Munali Secondary School, Lusaka. I had to join the youth branch of UNIP; my students were old enough to join properly. One of them, the late Dr Wedson C. Mwambazi, became the World Health Organization representative for Tanzania, and later for Ethiopia. He is second from the left of the front row, in this photograph.


  • B.A. (Oxford) 1968;
  • M.A. (Oxford) 1974 (at Oxford you get this merely by waiting and paying)

    Graduate student:

    D. Phil. (Sussex) 1971 (then it sounds better to be a MADPhil than a BADPhil)


  • SLAC: Harkness fellowship (1971-3) from the Commonwealth Fund, obliged to travel for three months, which was wonderful.
  • CERN: European fellowship (1973-4) from the Royal Society. My co-victors in theory-dominated round-CERN relay race were Frank Close, Tony Hey, Alan Irving, Chris Llewellyn Smith.
  • Junior Research Fellow in Physics, Balliol College Oxford (1973-5). "Biblioll" College was the only one to reply (albeit brutally) to stonemason-scholar Jude in Hardy's novel.


    Margaret and I met among the coastal redwoods of northern California. Her email is mebroadhurst@yahoo.com though I think of her as Margaret Storer, which caused confusion when I rang the vegetarian eating point where she worked. Margaret's father, Bill, and brothers, Mike and Nick, live in this splendidly restored Rookery in Swanage.

    Also nurtured by:

    Stephen (Stephen.Broadhurst@uk.ibm.com; webpage) and Peter (Peter.Broadhurst@uk.ibm.com).

  • In 2001, Stephen gained his M.Eng. from Cardiff (with a prize for the top first) and then decided to (pretend to) sell his soul to mammon, in the shape of Price-Waterhouse-Cooper. After that, PWC sold him to IBM. Stephen's partner Katherine (K, for short) is a linguist, specializing in legal practice. Her skills in Aikido keep Stephen in order. Their wedding on the Torpoint peninsula in 2006 was true fun.

  • Peter started by reading physics and business studies at Warwick. Then he realized that physics is not all it's cracked up to be and moved to Southampton, to read Computer Engineering. In 2003 he graduated, also with first class honours, and went to IBM. Unlike his father, Peter is catalogued at Amazon as an author. Peter's partner Elizabeth is an oceanographer, whose skills in both diving and mountain climbing surpass Peter's (but he is chasing hard). Their wedding on the Gower peninsula in 2001 was true fun.

    Each is charitably tolerant of my solipsistic tendencies. I marvel at the confidence with which they embrace opportunity.


    Open University students study at a distance.


    Being a school governor in the UK, at present, is as demanding as it is rewarding. Brooksward school thrives, while politicians meander.

    Your obedient server

    David Broadhurst pursuing high energy theory

    25 January 2015