We Have Some Telescope Kits Available on Request for Schools

These kits are suitable for practical work covering the telescopes and lenses aspect of the GCSE Astronomy syllabus. We developed lesson plans to present them to younger pupils for International Year of Astronomy 2009. Our lesson plan and the associated student workbook are available in pdf format below. The workbooks should be printed on a normal A4 printer, and can then be folded to make A5 workbooks for each of two lessons.

Due to exchange rate fluctuations, we were able to order a fresh supply of kits in December 2009, and these are available on request, free of charge, to interested UK school teachers.

Contact Tracy Bartlett, email T.A.Bartlett@open.ac.uk Phone (01908) 652514.

Telescopes and Lenses Lesson Plan (pdf)

A5 Student Workbooks. Lesson 1: Lenses. Lesson 2: Making Your Telescope (pdf)

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