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Mrs Mason's Class at Saltburn Junior School
click for larger version Cathy Grundy's mum recently found this picture of all the girls in Mrs Mason's class circa 1970. Everyone is paying attention except for the two who became university lecturers. Left to Right, Back Row: Susan Cleasby, Fiona Duff; 2nd Back Row: Temporary Assistant, Beverley May, Kim Davies, Amanda Snaith, Mrs Mason; 2nd row: Alison Boagey, Joanne Lonsdale, Dawn Hildore, Joanne Knight, Jane Kennedy; Front Row: Anne Gogna, Wendy Bell, Catherine Grundy, Carole Haswell, Tracey Agar, Diane Young. Lower left corner: Julian Hibbert. (Aside: this sample implies 12% of girls from Saltburn become university lecturers!)

School Reunion

My year-group at Huntcliff Comprehensive School had 20 year reunion in Saltburn in feb 2000. Over 80% of the year turned out, along with several former teachers. Unfortunately, by about 9pm we were unable to operate the camera reliably so far fewer are represented in the picture gallery (this link will take a while to upload: there are several images).

Texas Certificate of Naturalisation
  • I am a naturalised Texan
  • It was almost worth spending 10 years in full-time higher education to make my Mum look this chuffed.
  • One day I'll make it back to Austin for the SXSW Festival
  • Art etc
  • Mark Johnston paints landscapes in oils. I live just about as far from the sea as is possible in the UK, but this painting by Mark provides consolation.
  • I love Ann Krasner's joyful figurative paintings
  • Illyria open air theatre
  • The Getty Museum
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC
  • The Tate
  • Avebury
  • Mark Johnston Oil Painting

    all our christmases came at Arsenal
  • I am a member of the Middlesbrough Supporters South. Londoners, please note Milton Keynes is in the south!
  • My sister Jo.
  • check out MC Hawking .
  • A blast from the past, a creative project by a collaborator
  • Orbital Productions: Cathy Grundy and Andrew Blake's flash site.
  • I live in Olney, Bucks. Olney is a bit like a Southern version of Stokesley, without the North Yorkshire Moors.
  • I work in Milton Keynes, Bucks. Milton Keynes is a bit like a Southern version of Ingleby Barwick, but with facilities.
  • For Mark
  • For Mark from Jo
  • The Little Fella
  • Cherith Moses, co-developer of the DDD system for junior faculty at Sussex.
  • Boffins I know from Prior Pursglove VI form college: C. Mark Johnson, Paul Aspinwall, Roland Jones
  • My most famous former student
  • Teesside Mohawks, boroworld basketball.
  • Boksic
    The transporter bridge

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