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Dr. Carole A. Haswell
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postal Department of Physics and Astronomy,
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Carole Haswell's Home Page

I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy within the Science Faculty, at the Open University. I am a member of the CEPSAR Research Centre.

Research Interests
I do research in Astrophysics . My main focus is on exoplanets: planets orbiting around stars other than the Sun. My work concentrates on transiting exoplanets. I have worked on the SuperWASP project for a number of years.
link to Superwasp WWW site

Recently, I have become involved with the RoPACS project which aims to find rocky planets around cool stars.


A fairly complete listing of my research publications, including most conference and other abstracts, is available through ADS

The astro-ph archive is the best place to find publications currently in press

Research Group

  • I have two current PhD students: Andrew Carter and Stefan Holmes .

  • I have an STFC-funded postdoc, Luca Fossati. We are working on Hubble Space Telescope Observations of transiting exoplanets.

  • My former Leverhulme Trust Postdoctoral Fellow, Sylvain Chaty, has a permanent academic position at Saclay (France). Much of our work focused on microquasars.

  • My former postdoc Will Clarkson is now at UCLA. We continue to work together on transiting exoplanets.

  • My former postgraduate students are:

    Rob Hynes (PhD, OU 1999. RAS Penston Prize runner-up.) Rob went on to a Hubble Fellowship at the University of Texas at Austin and has a faculty position in astrophysics at Louisiana State University.
    Catherine Brocksopp who worked with Rob Fender for her PhD (OU 2000). She is now an astrophysics research scientist at Mullard Space Science Laboratory.
    Dan Rolfe (PhD, OU 2001) went on to a PPARC-funded postdoc in the Leicester Astrophysics Theory group He is now working on medical imaging research at Daresbury.
    Craig Powell (PhD, OU 2004) went on to a postdoc in biophysics at the university of Manchester.
    Dave Lott (PhD, OU 2005) worked on the wide area variable survey project initiated by Tim Abbott of CTIO. Dave used data from CFHT . He left research for accountancy after gaining his PhD.
    Ben Eves (PhD, OU 2005) worked on magnetic reconnective processes in solar flares, flare stars, and accretion discs. He is now a physics teacher in a secondary school, and has an excellent scary face.
    Steve Foulkes (PhD, OU 2007), a part time student, worked with me and James Murray at Swinburne (Australia) on numerical simulations of accretion discs around black holes. He continues to work with me and is a visiting research fellow here at the OU.
    Becky Enoch (PhD, OU 2008) worked on transiting exoplanets, and is now a postdoctoral researcher at St Andrews University.
  • Joel Silber (MSc, Distinction, Sussex, 1998) began a PhD at Hertfordshire, but has since been tempted back into the world of realistic salaries. He is currently working for McAffee on their anti-virus software.
    Andrew D.C. Williams, (MSc, Sussex, 1999). I don't know what Andrew did after the MSc. Please let me know if you do.

    Career History

  • I was an undergraduate at University College, Oxford where I took a BA in Physics.
  • I started my astrophysics career as a postgraduate student at the University of Texas Astronomy Department in Austin, Texas. My thesis advisors were Toshi Tajima (Masters) and E.L. "Rob" Robinson (PhD).
  • I spent two years at the Space Telescope Science Institute as part of Keith Horne's "vibrant self-stimulating group"
  • I was a postdoc and associate research scientist in the Department of Astronomy at Columbia University in NYC, where I worked with Joe Patterson, and taught my first lecture course at Barnard College.
  • My first permanent academic position was in the Astronomy Centre at the University of Sussex.
  • I joined the OU on 1 April 1999. Readers with excellent background knowledge will note that each move since 1985 has taken me closer to my spiritual home .


    My teaching activities are currently (or recently) with the following courses:

  • S382 Astrophysics a 3rd level astrophysics course, being presented for the first time in 2010.

    Make Your Own Telescope


    Since becoming a parent I have no hobbies!

    Personal Stuff

    Links I'm currently using

    Links of General Interest

  • Astronomy Student Bloopers collected by Prof Bill Keel at the University of Alabama. All teachers need inspiration at times: "When the sun goes down, darkness illuminates the sky..."
  • Britney's guide to Semiconductor Physics

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