Astronomy & Astrophysics 2007, 467, 785-905
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Individual lightcurves & power spectra available below as .eps files

New periodic variable stars coincident with ROSAT sources discovered using SuperWASP

A.J. Norton(1), P.J. Wheatley(2), R.G. West(3), C.A. Haswell(1), R.A. Street(4), A. Collier Cameron(5), D.J. Christian(4), W.I. Clarkson(6), B. Enoch(1), M. Gallaway(1), C. Hellier(7), K. Horne(5), J. Irwin(8), S.R. Kane(9), T.A. Lister(7), J.P. Nicholas(2), N. Parley(10), D. Pollacco(4), R. Ryans(4), I. Skillen(11), D.M. Wilson(7)

(1) Department of Physics and Astronomy, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, U.K.
(2) Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL, U.K.
(3) Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leicester, Leicester LE1 7RH, U.K.
(4) Astrophysics Research Centre, Main Physics Building, School of Mathematics & Physics, Queen's University, University Road, Belfast BT7 1NN, U.K.
(5) School of Physics and Astronomy, University of St. Andrews, North Haugh, St. Andrews, Fife KY16 9SS, U.K.
(6) Space Telescope Science Institute, 3700 San Martin Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218, U.S.A.
(7) Astrophysics Group, School of Chemistry & Physics, Keele University, Staffordshire ST5 5BG, U.K.
(8) Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, Madingly Road, Cambridge CB3 0HA, U.K.
(9) Department of Physics, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-8440, U.S.A.
(10) Planetary & Space Sciences Research Institute, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, U.K.
(11) Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, Apartado de Correos 321, E-38700 Santa Cruz de la Palma, Tenerife, Spain}

Abstract: We present optical lightcurves of 428 periodic variable stars coincident with ROSAT X-ray sources, detected using the first run of the SuperWASP photometric survey. Only 68 of these were previously recognised as periodic variables. A further 30 of these objects are previously known pre-main sequence stars, for which we detect a modulation period for the first time. Amongst the newly identified periodic variables, many appear to be close eclipsing binaries, their X-ray emission is presumably the result of RS CVn type behaviour. Others are probably BY Dra stars, pre-main sequence stars and other rapid rotators displaying enhanced coronal activity. A number of previously catalogued pulsating variables (RR Lyr stars and Cepheids) coincident with X-ray sources are also seen, but we show that these are likely to be misclassifications. We identify four objects which are probable low mass eclipsing binary stars, based on their very red colour and light curve morphology.

Click on the source names to download .eps files of the folded lightcurves and power spectra of each object. Four objects are displayed per page.

1SWASP J001357.58+350243.4
1SWASP J001614.18+195144.2
1SWASP J001736.91+305119.2
1SWASP J001825.00+232434.2
1SWASP J001949.91+215652.3
1SWASP J002001.09+275954.0
1SWASP J002122.99+334237.1
1SWASP J002334.66+201428.6
1SWASP J003005.79+261726.5
1SWASP J003408.48+252349.7
1SWASP J004117.33+342516.8
1SWASP J004836.93+320859.2
1SWASP J005033.00+244902.0
1SWASP J005101.78+200824.4
1SWASP J005515.01+301515.6
1SWASP J005601.22+303825.9
1SWASP J005845.91+320620.3
1SWASP J010705.51+190908.3
1SWASP J011235.03+170355.7
1SWASP J012139.75+253642.4
1SWASP J012215.44+202130.4
1SWASP J012457.96+255702.4
1SWASP J012728.88+290618.5
1SWASP J012757.37+185924.9
1SWASP J013147.20+384803.2
1SWASP J013514.32+211622.4
1SWASP J013612.29+304902.5
1SWASP J013626.24+404343.8
1SWASP J013627.81+250835.5
1SWASP J013723.23+265712.1
1SWASP J013727.14+390008.3
1SWASP J014028.77+421200.8
1SWASP J014453.62+282457.6
1SWASP J014633.48+331711.5
1SWASP J015203.00+374808.7
1SWASP J015548.02+242606.0
1SWASP J015757.78+374822.4
1SWASP J015935.57+234852.6
1SWASP J020033.73+275319.2
1SWASP J021208.77+270818.2
1SWASP J022050.85+332047.6
1SWASP J022133.29+340445.4
1SWASP J022452.45+422653.7
1SWASP J022708.42+342320.4
1SWASP J022729.25+305824.6
1SWASP J022734.78+285830.2
1SWASP J022936.37+342343.1
1SWASP J023503.81+313922.1
1SWASP J025020.65+372902.0
1SWASP J025217.58+361648.1
1SWASP J025742.76+235744.5
1SWASP J025752.74+415135.1
1SWASP J025828.76+294753.7
1SWASP J025953.10+380148.1
1SWASP J030335.64+362631.2
1SWASP J030349.82+250234.0
1SWASP J030405.14+300309.6
1SWASP J031531.89+260449.9
1SWASP J032231.55+285319.8
1SWASP J032714.41+272309.1
1SWASP J033025.95+310217.9
1SWASP J033040.80+313658.1
1SWASP J033529.90+311337.4
1SWASP J034057.81+311805.8
1SWASP J034145.61+271856.5
1SWASP J034220.86+291440.9
1SWASP J034348.34+250015.7
1SWASP J034433.95+395948.0
1SWASP J034450.16+321906.7
1SWASP J034557.94+273335.2
1SWASP J034630.44+330234.5
1SWASP J034906.11+234653.0
1SWASP J034936.53+241745.8
1SWASP J034942.26+242746.8
1SWASP J035054.31+235005.5
1SWASP J035208.32+241348.5
1SWASP J035331.35+263141.1
1SWASP J035425.23+242136.2
1SWASP J035525.61+313047.9
1SWASP J035705.82+283751.5
1SWASP J040005.79+394137.2
1SWASP J040031.06+193520.8
1SWASP J040105.23+343902.9
1SWASP J040519.59+200925.5
1SWASP J040651.34+254128.4
1SWASP J040753.30+335605.0
1SWASP J040754.31+352749.2
1SWASP J040909.74+290130.2
1SWASP J041327.27+281625.0
1SWASP J041412.91+281212.3
1SWASP J041430.63+285129.8
1SWASP J041447.96+275234.7
1SWASP J041522.91+204417.0
1SWASP J041738.93+283300.7
1SWASP J041810.78+231704.7
1SWASP J041831.10+282716.0
1SWASP J041831.11+281629.1
1SWASP J041846.99+282008.2
1SWASP J041941.26+274948.3
1SWASP J041946.58+231748.4
1SWASP J041953.70+300953.7
1SWASP J042347.60+294038.2
1SWASP J042448.18+264315.8
1SWASP J042521.02+254257.0
1SWASP J042637.39+384502.3
1SWASP J042937.53+232033.2
1SWASP J043049.18+211410.6
1SWASP J043114.43+271017.9
1SWASP J043116.85+215025.2
1SWASP J043230.55+241957.6
1SWASP J043310.02+243343.7
1SWASP J043547.33+225021.4
1SWASP J043554.15+225413.5
1SWASP J043619.09+254259.0
1SWASP J043925.45+333244.6
1SWASP J043931.00+340744.5
1SWASP J044104.70+245106.1
1SWASP J044356.93+372303.4
1SWASP J044721.02+280853.1
1SWASP J045222.04+400634.8
1SWASP J045450.62+320411.8
1SWASP J045536.96+301755.1
1SWASP J045602.45+302051.6
1SWASP J045730.52+223513.5
1SWASP J045808.96+433301.1
1SWASP J050006.91+240834.3
1SWASP J050147.63+380541.9
1SWASP J050206.19+311102.2
1SWASP J050206.88+242739.8
1SWASP J050559.66+280716.8
1SWASP J051022.34+312640.1
1SWASP J051043.42+302042.7
1SWASP J051740.27+335355.4
1SWASP J051908.49+340537.5
1SWASP J052037.06+244713.5
1SWASP J052146.83+240044.4
1SWASP J052210.33+243208.8
1SWASP J052247.17+243731.1
1SWASP J052354.67+253047.0
1SWASP J052638.31+223152.5
1SWASP J052705.88+213525.5
1SWASP J052942.46+233411.0
1SWASP J053020.91+414914.0
1SWASP J053104.38+231234.7
1SWASP J053505.64+394631.7
1SWASP J053807.15+422029.1
1SWASP J053858.03+244257.1
1SWASP J060358.42+222833.4
1SWASP J060951.04+322948.3
1SWASP J061015.84+211956.3
1SWASP J061128.82+202149.5
1SWASP J061510.08+252248.1
1SWASP J062403.09+225336.2
1SWASP J063111.02+305615.9
1SWASP J065341.90+424219.4
1SWASP J065948.41+274158.7
1SWASP J070818.57+310508.1
1SWASP J071341.07+273103.7
1SWASP J072343.59+202458.6
1SWASP J112541.63+423449.6
1SWASP J114607.76+400148.2
1SWASP J114749.04+351335.2
1SWASP J114823.63+350421.2
1SWASP J114839.23+231138.6
1SWASP J114903.63+380031.4
1SWASP J121911.62+291201.3
1SWASP J122224.73+334614.5
1SWASP J122354.88+224546.0
1SWASP J122557.80+334651.1
1SWASP J122751.20+333843.4
1SWASP J123013.72+215810.5
1SWASP J123036.52+343027.9
1SWASP J123156.02+353015.6
1SWASP J123240.68+234804.8
1SWASP J123703.97+374456.5
1SWASP J124408.46+402329.8
1SWASP J124705.32+362844.1
1SWASP J125147.23+223239.4
1SWASP J125336.27+224735.4
1SWASP J125532.88+301110.7
1SWASP J125535.36+270349.3
1SWASP J125740.26+351330.1
1SWASP J130133.01+283754.2
1SWASP J130345.95+283720.6
1SWASP J131308.01+294052.4
1SWASP J132117.60+210124.9
1SWASP J132426.35+303314.2
1SWASP J132712.10+455826.4
1SWASP J132745.35+474546.7
1SWASP J132837.25+353311.6
1SWASP J132931.19+293616.2
1SWASP J133146.61+291636.6
1SWASP J133240.48+284758.1
1SWASP J133319.04+230050.9
1SWASP J133538.39+491406.1
1SWASP J133924.66+400904.8
1SWASP J134328.21+391132.7
1SWASP J134330.73+332951.2
1SWASP J135418.84+404542.3
1SWASP J141630.88+265525.1
1SWASP J142004.68+390301.5
1SWASP J142019.60+275856.5
1SWASP J142056.95+345952.4
1SWASP J142643.20+315216.0
1SWASP J142656.60+233652.8
1SWASP J142902.52+335038.8
1SWASP J143230.53+504940.6
1SWASP J143729.47+412835.1
1SWASP J143819.50+363225.7
1SWASP J143854.57+330019.9
1SWASP J144145.29+423121.1
1SWASP J144831.00+350318.0
1SWASP J144952.59+420626.7
1SWASP J150018.89+335206.6
1SWASP J152152.93+205839.9
1SWASP J153352.71+311801.4
1SWASP J153440.64+265442.7
1SWASP J153511.33+384358.7
1SWASP J153633.39+271029.2
1SWASP J153650.34+373449.4
1SWASP J153704.08+374827.8
1SWASP J154058.90+402700.2
1SWASP J154535.07+420506.6
1SWASP J155307.49+202838.8
1SWASP J155431.35+295652.1
1SWASP J155842.13+323046.0
1SWASP J155850.50+272327.1
1SWASP J160248.22+252038.2
1SWASP J160351.74+423654.4
1SWASP J160650.69+271634.5
1SWASP J160713.97+340136.0
1SWASP J161213.07+341416.2
1SWASP J162013.71+243611.0
1SWASP J162201.18+225021.6
1SWASP J162255.30+224604.1
1SWASP J162506.55+300225.8
1SWASP J162510.31+405334.2
1SWASP J162641.33+335041.8
1SWASP J162817.29+371124.1
1SWASP J162946.59+281038.0
1SWASP J163052.87+241224.3
1SWASP J163420.90+424433.4
1SWASP J163527.45+350057.7
1SWASP J163739.45+221112.8
1SWASP J163741.35+291950.4
1SWASP J164159.14+363818.5
1SWASP J164732.08+251938.5
1SWASP J164942.92+222003.7
1SWASP J164956.83+325235.6
1SWASP J164959.95+412225.9
1SWASP J165025.84+272817.2
1SWASP J165107.29+283601.0
1SWASP J165211.93+202138.7
1SWASP J165445.06+423227.5
1SWASP J165547.87+351057.6
1SWASP J165749.80+352032.8
1SWASP J165820.66+333353.2
1SWASP J165909.65+205816.4
1SWASP J165921.89+342822.4
1SWASP J170033.82+200134.1
1SWASP J170121.84+420949.9
1SWASP J170303.06+320325.8
1SWASP J170313.51+245321.0
1SWASP J170352.84+321145.7
1SWASP J170420.20+392858.7
1SWASP J170757.96+291915.0
1SWASP J171256.18+333119.2
1SWASP J171330.96+232026.4
1SWASP J171733.62+495515.7
1SWASP J171800.30+212809.4
1SWASP J171808.56+250612.0
1SWASP J171921.10+480342.8
1SWASP J171954.21+263003.0
1SWASP J171959.47+241205.6
1SWASP J172011.53+495456.0
1SWASP J172158.32+574922.2
1SWASP J172228.64+365842.1
1SWASP J172314.19+283650.3
1SWASP J172339.79+352757.2
1SWASP J172413.67+402617.2
1SWASP J172425.27+493837.2
1SWASP J172524.34+504212.2
1SWASP J172927.24+352404.9
1SWASP J173004.97+184339.3
1SWASP J173103.32+281506.5
1SWASP J173216.05+484750.1
1SWASP J173335.83+204847.4
1SWASP J173353.14+165512.8
1SWASP J173636.82+151508.3
1SWASP J173658.21+300947.5
1SWASP J173659.28+485946.1
1SWASP J173733.44+414619.9
1SWASP J174311.06+334948.9
1SWASP J174431.65+131257.5
1SWASP J174605.24+312104.5
1SWASP J174625.25+222859.5
1SWASP J174705.04+332129.1
1SWASP J174746.93+521340.2
1SWASP J174903.15+230745.5
1SWASP J174947.04+335059.1
1SWASP J174951.66+232807.3
1SWASP J175133.95+414127.4
1SWASP J175141.38+281901.2
1SWASP J175152.94+093751.8
1SWASP J175216.36+093757.5
1SWASP J175242.72+232728.9
1SWASP J175319.15+213029.5
1SWASP J175540.63+372516.0
1SWASP J175711.41+224706.3
1SWASP J175718.89+313315.9
1SWASP J175734.12+584414.2
1SWASP J175758.92+550607.7
1SWASP J175809.40+092240.8
1SWASP J175838.51+220846.7
1SWASP J175910.35+584259.4
1SWASP J175954.36+104418.9
1SWASP J180029.35+510008.8
1SWASP J180100.51+233945.4
1SWASP J180147.31+273910.4
1SWASP J180207.45+183044.2
1SWASP J180213.87+470112.3
1SWASP J180238.80+335634.6
1SWASP J180331.30+080836.3
1SWASP J180426.56+393047.1
1SWASP J180500.38+111013.9
1SWASP J180514.38+113148.6
1SWASP J180525.04+175729.7
1SWASP J180730.28+455131.9
1SWASP J180853.52+370707.3
1SWASP J180859.30+454910.7
1SWASP J181004.20+090620.8
1SWASP J181024.11+332411.1
1SWASP J181132.84+235512.6
1SWASP J181306.46+260151.9
1SWASP J181350.48+134936.6
1SWASP J181538.78+381949.9
1SWASP J181725.16+482201.8
1SWASP J181848.08+342233.8
1SWASP J181938.10+364059.2
1SWASP J182131.56+233430.7
1SWASP J182247.09+443442.9
1SWASP J182538.72+181740.1
1SWASP J182656.97+174402.4
1SWASP J182850.26+350634.3
1SWASP J182913.01+064713.7
1SWASP J182931.47+223424.4
1SWASP J182934.89+295804.5
1SWASP J183018.86+344656.4
1SWASP J183037.25+433553.2
1SWASP J183053.08+485848.6
1SWASP J183544.62+300814.7
1SWASP J183956.25+510534.0
1SWASP J184633.09+485444.8
1SWASP J202823.91+113110.9
1SWASP J202932.83+122730.8
1SWASP J203553.02+100611.9
1SWASP J203621.99+121539.4
1SWASP J203904.65+233847.2
1SWASP J204017.10+143035.6
1SWASP J204300.17+264833.7
1SWASP J204404.76+131412.1
1SWASP J204853.35+122230.3
1SWASP J204922.85+064739.2
1SWASP J205428.00+090606.6
1SWASP J210124.59+054212.8
1SWASP J210144.82+100840.7
1SWASP J210707.11+063232.1
1SWASP J211044.78+162323.7
1SWASP J211436.75+195255.7
1SWASP J212135.86+094835.3
1SWASP J212341.65+152148.1
1SWASP J212519.57+265653.8
1SWASP J212812.94+075227.2
1SWASP J212846.86+232012.5
1SWASP J212934.76+093530.3
1SWASP J213004.12+120428.8
1SWASP J213116.74+225357.1
1SWASP J213221.70+243342.4
1SWASP J214537.36+271110.8
1SWASP J214742.17+304210.5
1SWASP J214809.40+191012.9
1SWASP J214916.06+312502.5
1SWASP J215323.65+173020.3
1SWASP J215443.38+143327.8
1SWASP J220041.59+271513.5
1SWASP J220213.95+152014.2
1SWASP J220406.39+343305.3
1SWASP J221844.11+142130.2
1SWASP J222228.81+292212.4
1SWASP J222229.09+281439.1
1SWASP J222558.19+210842.0
1SWASP J222614.44+213209.6
1SWASP J222629.93+212314.5
1SWASP J222803.99+183606.5
1SWASP J222820.71+173959.3
1SWASP J222829.08+203637.0
1SWASP J223616.76+331856.7
1SWASP J223655.17+401027.8
1SWASP J224355.18+293647.6
1SWASP J224446.13+302933.6
1SWASP J225154.86+314457.5
1SWASP J225155.50+353915.2
1SWASP J225338.13+291305.0
1SWASP J225454.99+241445.2
1SWASP J225538.93+281035.2
1SWASP J225617.59+205236.2
1SWASP J225849.98+405611.4
1SWASP J225923.53+325133.3
1SWASP J230147.77+352848.3
1SWASP J230209.26+351539.4
1SWASP J230724.88+315014.1
1SWASP J230843.02+213717.7
1SWASP J231036.91+205526.2
1SWASP J231059.54+214243.2
1SWASP J231206.52+265545.7
1SWASP J231455.84+273958.5
1SWASP J231653.34+254310.1
1SWASP J232048.10+292155.6
1SWASP J232153.08+231656.2
1SWASP J232617.06+275203.5
1SWASP J233152.17+195614.2
1SWASP J233906.78+220412.4
1SWASP J234028.98+295911.8
1SWASP J234106.15+270643.2
1SWASP J234720.80+300510.8
1SWASP J234945.36+312627.4
1SWASP J235750.15+334348.5
1SWASP J235952.73+294947.3

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